They call you when the sweet talk’s done

They call you in sometimes just for fun.

Don’t let me fool ya

Been down in the cooler

Been watching your diamonds for haze

Don’t let me follow ya’

see me but I know ya’

Won’t let it show on your face

No way.



I’ll try the numbers and you try the game

And we’ll both stop for strangers

then beat ‘em all the same

Every day a loser is born beneath the sun

But I think I’m The Lucky One.

Yeah, I think I’m The Lucky One



It’s a good bet. It’s a Big Blind hand.

This is your show, Mr. Rounder Man

But don’t get excited

The view is divided by loveless affairs with your math

There might be a Ringer

so tip out the Singer and she’ll keep an eye on your back

Know that.



Don’t try to chase the wind

Don’t try to take it home

Don’t sympathize

Just leave ‘em all impressed and go.




















The Lucky One